Rick Simpson Has Cured Over 5000 Cancer Patients with This Recipe

Have you got Cancer? Fearing for your life ever since you heard the news? Fear not. Rick Simpson has brought a cure to you in hemp oil. Known as the Rick Simpson oil cancer treatment, the hemp oil has been proved effective in curing cancer patients. The inventor of the oil Rick Simpson has known as the dedicated individual who has worked through his life to help patients suffering from all types of diseases and disabilities by using the hemp oil.

rick simpson oil cancer treatment

For almost a decade, Rick Simpson is trying to convey the positive effect of hemp oil that he has found as a cure for cancer. In the year 2003, Rick Simpson, a known marijuana activist was detected with a metastatic skin cancer. Rick believes that it was the hemp oil that fought the cancer off and made him fit again. Since then Rick ardently tries to make people aware of the positive effect of the Rick Simpson oil cancer treatment can have on the cancer patients. Though he did not get any support from the authorities but Rick demand that the Rick Simpson oil cancer treatment has cured more than 5000 cancer patients. The curative power of the hemp oil got so famous that a documentary was made in 2008 which featured the interviews of the people who got cured by the amazing power of the oil. But these patients were denied the chance to testify for Rick in the court Canada in 2007.

rso oil

If the hemp oil is ingested orally and regularly, it can seek and kill the malignant cells out, demands Rick. If used topically the hemp oil can cure the skin problems such as the melanomas. But too much of everything is never good for anybody. That is also true for the Rick Simpson oil cancer treatment. The side effects that are easily notable are extreme sleepiness, hunger and happiness. But it can never lead to anybody’s death as some other drugs can demands Rick. Not only the cancer, Rick demands that the hemp oil can cure conditions such as diabetes, arthritis, multiple sclerosis, depression, AIDS, Crohn’s disease, psoriasis, leukemia, burns, asthma, regulation of body weight, mutated cells, glaucoma, migraines, insomnia, chronic pain etc.

Rick is not at all stingy about the secrets of the recipe of his precious oil. In fact, he encourages everybody to try and make the hemp oil themselves so that they can treat any diseases without giving thousands of rupees to the medicine industries. From One pounce of dried herbs one can easily make 3-4 grams of Rick Simpson oil cancer treatment. But the quality of the train of the herb does matter says Rick himself. While one strain can provide as much as 5 gram of oil same amount of other strain can provide as low as 2 grams of oil per ounce. But generally a pound of dried materials can yield more or less of two pounds of high quality oil. The process of making the oil can be found in the website of Rick. But one need to be very careful about maintaining the instruction properly. For a little slack in your alertness can cause a big fire in the process of making the oil.